20 . 06 . 2013
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So, did you know 'Aria' (the way Arya is pronounced) means 'Lion' in Hebrew? (It also means 'Air' in Italian, but I could care less about that.) Lion? What the heck?!

GRRM doesn’t name his characters for nothing… And I’m sure you can find the name (or derivatives/variations) has other meanings in other languages, as well ;)

18 . 05 . 2013

The grotto was pitch-dark by the time they finished. The only light was the dim glow of the passage back up to the larger cavern, where a score of fires burned. They were soon fumbling and bumping into each other as they tried to dress in the dark. Ygritte stumbled into the pool and screeched at the cold of the water. When Jon laughed, she pulled him in too. They wrestled and splashed in the dark, and then she was in his arms again, and it turned out they were not finished after all.

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28 . 04 . 2013

A Game of Thrones Gif Game

You know you have a lot of Game of Thrones related gifs. Check your files!  Use every third GoT gif or gif featuring a Game of Thrones cast member. No cheating!

It’s Sunday (or Monday) and friends are coming over to watch the episode:


You demand silence during the show and they’re all:


So, you’re all:


Because you know you’ll just watch the episode five times later.

And then the theme starts playing as the opening credits roll and everyone is all:


And soon there’s mayhem on screen and your one friend is pissed off by a major storyline change and you’re going:


Because it is a really fucked up change.

And then something amazing/glorious/epic happens and everyone goes:


And then the episode is over and you realize that you have to wait another week for a new episode so you’re all:


But a good time was had by all so you just sit there going:


And you don’t live in Westeros.

The End.

07 . 04 . 2013

Tonight’s Spoiler Tags: #GoT Spoilers and #GoT3.2

Tonight’s My Opinions On the Series Should Not Be Misconstrued As Hate Even Though You Think It Is And Will Message Me About Alleged Hate Tag: #HBO Notes or #HBO (insert your favorite Stark here)

…Tumbr Savior at will!

01 . 04 . 2013
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Have you read the books????


That’s a lot of question marks for a simple question - which leads me to believe that the idea that I’ve read the books and still maintain the opinions I do is somehow incredulous to you. I may be wrong there but…

31 . 03 . 2013

Let’s Talk About Spoilers

We have reached the point in the series when this blog can no longer remain entirely spoiler free.  However, I DO want to make sure that anyone who is following the series (and this tumblr) who has not read the books has a great experience watching the show!

Please note/savior:

#GoT3.1 to avoid spoilers from the first episode

#ASoS to avoid any book related spoilers pertaining to events not yet covered by the series.

Is there another tag you’d like…just to be safe?

1 year ago

Game of Thrones Season 3 - First Promo

…the climb is all there is.

12 . 01 . 2013
Anonymous ASKED
Do you always disagree with people who don't think Cat is always right?

Is this in regards to my response to the last Anonymous Q?

A. I disagree with people whose arguments/ideas/theories aren’t supported by the text.

B. Cat isn’t always right.


1 year ago
Anonymous ASKED
I'm writing about the quote of Jon's where he blames cat for the death of his father. It may be that Jon was against his father going south, & told Ned not to go, undermining Cat's opinion. That may be what was behind her comment that it should have been Jon who fell & not Bran. If my theory is correct, it also shows good judgement on Jon's part to tell his father to not take the word of Cat's batshit sister. We shld see more of the relationship between Cat & Jon. I hope we do.

Hmm…I’ll bite, Anon.

I tend to let the text support my own ideas of what might have happened between characters so I can’t say I really agree with anything you put forth here.  Yes, Jon says he’d blame Catelyn as much as Cersei, et al for any harm that comes to Ned in King’s Landing -there’s no love lost there but Jon, based on what we know of him and what we know of his relationship with Ned, would never tell Ned not to go to King’s Landing (What would he have known of Lysa?! No member of the family could know just how far around the bend she is) and Cat’s outburst at Bran’s bedside comes from 14 years of silence and two sleepless weeks of sitting at the bedside of a child who is almost certainly going to die while half of her family is preparing to leave for a place where Starks don’t exactly thrive.

At it stands, I personally don’t believe there is any more to see between Cat & Jon.  GRRM has given us enough.  They spend less time thinking of one another than this fandom spends dissecting their relationship -or lack thereof.

03 . 01 . 2013
Cat first? really?
Yes. Really. Catelyn Tully Stark is the MOST frustrating, wonderful, flawed, HUMAN character in this series.  Reading her chapters was/is a rich, rewarding, devastating experience for me. To each their own, friend.
1 year ago
Anonymous ASKED
could you make a list of characters you like?

How about a Top Ten, Anon?

  1. Catelyn Stark
  2. Sansa Stark
  3. Theon Greyjoy*
  4. Jaime Lannister*
  5. Cersei Lannister*
  6. Varys*
  7. Arya Stark
  8. Bran Stark
  9. Brienne
  10. Melisandre

*often exchanging places in the roster

03 . 12 . 2012
Her uncle was the first to greet her. As black a fish as ever, Ser Brynden had no care for what others might think. He leapt off the dais and pulled Catelyn into his arms. When he said, “It is good to see you home, Cat,” she had to struggle to keep her composure. “And you,” She whispered.
- A Storm of Swords (via jeyneheddle)