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Bran Stark | The Rains of Castamere 3x09

Bran Stark | The Rains of Castamere 3x09

28 . 04 . 2013
Anonymous ASKED
What do you think of Bran's dreams this season? I'm hoping seeing his family in them is just set up for a Sean Bean cameo in the season finale a la Drogo in the House of the Undying.

I really love them.  They’re striking the right tone -melancholy, wistful yet ominous and eerie as hell.  The family cameos are a perfect touch… I honestly think Bran’s dreams have been very well-handled. I enjoy them.

As far as a Sean Bean cameo in the season finale, I agree that he very well could appear there and hopefully in a superior scene to anything in the House of the Undying fustercluck sequence.

My own personal wish is for Ned to cameo during the final minutes of the ninth episode because I am a glutton for misery and heartache.

22 . 04 . 2013

Bran is starting to see past, present and future… “No more climbing” and “Promise me" echoing and him falling, not flying but all I’m seeing is a lot of LOL Cat pushed Bran out of a tree. Buzzkill in dreams. Mother of the year! when clearly Bran has some things to work through while he sleeps/wargs…

Anyone wanna take a stab at further interpretation of Bran’s dream?

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And Now His Watch Is Ended - Game of Thrones 3.4

So…which Stark(s) do you guys think is/are sitting out of tonight’s episode?

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Tonight’s Spoiler Tags: #GoT Spoilers and #GoT3.2

Tonight’s My Opinions On the Series Should Not Be Misconstrued As Hate Even Though You Think It Is And Will Message Me About Alleged Hate Tag: #HBO Notes or #HBO (insert your favorite Stark here)

…Tumbr Savior at will!

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Collider: Game of Thrones Season 3 - Maisie Williams, Michelle Fairley and Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Which characters would each of you like to have scenes with?

WILLIAMS:  Well, I never did anything with Emilia [Clarke] or Harry Lloyd.  He’s gone now, but I got on really well with him, and it would’ve been cool to do scenes.  I miss everyone in Winterfell.  It would be nice to go back to the family.  But, it would be cool to work with people that we’ve never worked with before, or even met, as characters.

HEMPSTEAD WRIGHT:  I’d like to see Robb again.  Ever since Robb left in Season 2, Bran has had to make decisions for Winterfell.  I think it would take a bit of weight off Bran’s shoulders, if he met Robb again.

FAIRLEY:  I’d love a scene with Cersei.  I’d love for Catelyn Stark and Cersei to have a confrontation.  I love Lena [Headey] anyway, so I’d love that.

1 year ago

SkyAtlantic on Twitter

SkyAtlantic is currently livetweeting a Q & A with Charles Dance, Michelle Fairley, Gwendoline Christie and Isaac Hempstead Wright…


"The author and writers of the show believe in the women. Whether they’re high born or low" Michelle Fairley on the women of

Isaac: “I do get recognised buy yknow, not like Justin Bieber…”

"Being carried around all the time is alright, but your legs turn purple eventually." Isaac on hogging the Hodor.

That explains how the part Of Brienne was sold to her: “Love, she’s ugly, her nose is broken, she’s a devil with a sword.”

"I thought it might challenge people’s perceptions and I’m proud to play the part." Applause for Gwendoline

Michelle: “If I could play another character it would be Tyrion, cos he gets lots of sex!” [laughs]

Isaac counters with “I’d play Hodor.” To more laughs.

"I do believe that Cat had made all the right decisions, but she’s learning to think like a liar." Michelle Fairley

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Countdown To Game of Thrones Season 3! Who do you want to hear for the week?!?

Last year Fuck Yeah Winterfell spent the week leading up to the second season with FYW’s Radiohead Countdown, each day featuring a Radiohead tune that suited an individual Stark…  Who should ring in the Starks this year?

Your choices:

  • Florence + The Machine
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Villagers
  • Tom Waits
  • or… suggest away?