26 . 03 . 2013

SkyAtlantic on Twitter

SkyAtlantic is currently livetweeting a Q & A with Charles Dance, Michelle Fairley, Gwendoline Christie and Isaac Hempstead Wright…


"The author and writers of the show believe in the women. Whether they’re high born or low" Michelle Fairley on the women of

Isaac: “I do get recognised buy yknow, not like Justin Bieber…”

"Being carried around all the time is alright, but your legs turn purple eventually." Isaac on hogging the Hodor.

That explains how the part Of Brienne was sold to her: “Love, she’s ugly, her nose is broken, she’s a devil with a sword.”

"I thought it might challenge people’s perceptions and I’m proud to play the part." Applause for Gwendoline

Michelle: “If I could play another character it would be Tyrion, cos he gets lots of sex!” [laughs]

Isaac counters with “I’d play Hodor.” To more laughs.

"I do believe that Cat had made all the right decisions, but she’s learning to think like a liar." Michelle Fairley

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Game Of Thrones Panel - London Film and Comic Con July 2012

03 . 04 . 2012

Behind the Scenes on Game of Thrones


Rather long behind-the-scenes article from the Telegraph can be found HERE.

Highlights include:

How D&D Got the Job (kind of):

“Some of them told George, ‘Yeah, we’ve figured out how to make it work as a two-and-a-half-hour movie,’ and it always involved cutting out the plot lines. Any feature adaptation would have missed maybe 90 per cent of the story.” At their first meeting with Martin, he tested their fealty to his magnum opus. “He asked us a question – ‘Who do you think Jon Snow’s true parents are?’ And it was kind of nerve-racking, because Dan and I both had strong opinions about it. And we thought, ‘If we get this wrong, maybe we’re not gonna get this job.’ Luckily, we got it right, so that helped.”

Show commentary:

This is “genre” television for people who like their escapist drama emotional, earthy, full of political intrigue and brimming with female characters whose “strength” doesn’t just come from how good they look in a chain-mail bikini.


Rigorous attention to detail is everything in this series. Given the source books’ rabid following, it had to be thus. Brick-thick, 1,000-page hardback novels don’t normally fly off the shelves, but Martin’s epics often dominate the bestseller lists. In the US, last year’s six-years-in-the-writing A Dance With Dragons sold almost 300,000 copies on its first day of publication. Prodigious author though he is, it’s often not enough for the disciples: Martin’s vast online fan community regularly berate him for not writing the books – five of them so far – fast enough. 

Remarks from Charles Dance:

Out in the wilds of Northern Ireland – 29 miles from Belfast, to be precise – another storm is fading. It is late October 2011, and Hurricane Irene recently blew across the province, causing havoc for the many people involved in making season two of Game of Thrones. “It uprooted a great big marquee – the whole f——— thing went up!” marvels Charles Dance, the venerable British actor who plays patriarch Tywin Lannister. “We lost a set. It was last seen heading out towards the Atlantic. We’re working in quite a dramatic environment – and it does help. There’s something mystical about Celtic environments. It’s not like England.”


re: all the sex scenes:

“And it’s all doggy fashion!” says Dance gleefully. “They said, ‘the missionary position wasn’t in fashion in the Seven Kingdoms. We wanted it to be animalistic, Charles.’ I said, ‘It’s certainly that!’”

Remarks from Iain Glen:

Over on the Moroccan and Croatian locations, Iain Glen (playing Ser Jorah Mormont, exiled knight and escort of Daenerys) had to brush up on the horse skills acquired on “maybe 20 previous jobs. You know, horses can make you look silly, or they can flatter you,” says the Scots actor last seen playing a joyless newspaper magnate in Downton Abbey. “And we had teething problems, but then they got the right horses under us.” The Americans, says Glen, have the luxury of “TV budgets we just don’t have in this country”. Even so, the producers recently had to beg for more money in order to film something sorely lacking from the first series – an epic battle scene, filmed in a stone quarry over the course of a month. After all, says Benioff, “This season is about a country at war.”

Remarks from Richard Madden:

Richard Madden’s character Robb, the princely son of Ned, is forced to step up in season two. This morning, back in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, Madden went to meet his director. They rendezvoused in the Red Keep, home of the titular, much-coveted, much-disputed seat of rulers. The Iron Throne – which drew crowds when it travelled to London last year for the publication of A Dance With Dragons – is forged from the swords of lords who have bowed before the king. Did the actor dare sit on it? He grimaces, before displaying a loyalty to the books that would make Martin proud. “I walked round it but I was thinking: I can’t sit on it. I’m not allowed to. Because Robb can’t quite sit on it yet. So I’ve touched it and looked at it and taken pictures of it on my iPhone. But I’ve not sat on it. I couldn’t let myself.” That, perhaps, is a treat for season three.


29 . 03 . 2012

Game of Thrones cast in the Sky Atlantic Season 2 Thronecast Special: Emilia Clarke, Alfie Allen, Kit Harington, Michelle Fairley, Charles Dance, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Liam Cunningham

14 . 03 . 2012

Amazon.uk: Game of Thrones DVD Launch Red Carpet Interviews

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Another video from the Season One Blu-Ray/DVD Launch.  Richard Madden, Michelle Fairley, Harry Lloyd, Emilia Clarke, Charles Dance and Liam Cunningham answer a few questions.

29 . 02 . 2012

WireImage: Game of Thrones DVD Premiere


In an effort to avoid posting anything watermarked and until they are released further, here is a link to the -currently updating- press area of the Game of Thrones DVD Launch Party.

So far: shots of Oona Chaplin, Charles Dance, Rose Leslie, Iain Glen, Emilia Clarke and Amrita Acharia …assuming more to follow…maybe…maybe not.

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