17 . 07 . 2012

Kissed By Fire: Breaking Down the Season 3 Cast Additions

Seeing as the announcement at San Diego Comic Con of the new cast members joining the third season of Game of Thrones nearly did my head in, I couldn’t just go solo on this mission, so I’m bringing out the big guns. Tumblefell is here to join me as we break down the fourteen new additions to the cast, -together!

Now someone hit the lights and roll the credits…

Serena and I have thoughts. Give them a look when you have few!

13 . 07 . 2012

Tobias Menzies as Edmure Tully.
Menzies is best known for playing Brutus on the HBO series “Rome.”


Tobias Menzies as Edmure Tully.

Menzies is best known for playing Brutus on the HBO series “Rome.”

16 . 05 . 2012

Edmure Tully to appear in S3 of Game of Thrones


Per wic.net, a leaked audition tape confirms that Nina Gold, Robert Sterne and company are in the process of casting Catelyn Stark’s younger brother, a major player in the events of A Storm of Swords who has yet to be mentioned on the television series.

Here is Irish actor Tom Sullivan reading for the part of Edmure Tully.

03 . 03 . 2012
If only that anon made themselves known, I am Roslin Frey's biggest fan! There needs to be more Roslin love! FIND ME ANON, I AM HERE. And I also love Edmure so it's a winning situation! :D

soulofsnow hearts Roslin Frey AND Edmure Tully, Anon!

2 years ago
Anonymous ASKED
so i stan a lot of minor characters like Edmure and Roslin and Syrio and also the whole old generation, especially Brandon and Lyanna, are there blogs dedicated to any of these people? or do you know blogs of people who stan them?

Hi Anon!

Edmure has plenty of stans XD I’ve posted them in the past - all are lovely people

Roslin does have her share of stans and perhaps they’ll announce themselves when they see her tagged, here.

Syrio is incredibly popular and while I thought that there was blog devoted to him, it seems like someone is holding the fuckyeahsyrioforel url hostage.

Brandon is another popular flashback character but there is so little material for him.  Lyanna falls into the same category but there is fuckyeahrhaegarandlyanna

Track the character tags, Anon! I’m sure you’ll find more XD