25 . 07 . 2013

Indira Varma is fantastic. That is all.

1 year ago

Richard Madden to Dress Up at Comic Con

23 . 07 . 2013

Michelle Fairley Talks Game Of Thrones, Guest Starring On Suits (Comic-Con 2013)

1 year ago

Internet and Tumblr, you are letting me down!

At this point last year, I was able to find outtakes of both TVGuide Mag and EW photo sessions, along with video AND veritable cornucopia of interviews… For shame, Tumblr. FOR SHAME, HBO PR!

(…though I will say that the NerdHQ interview with Madden and the 23 panels Harington was a part of have been nice treats but there’s got to be more John Bradley West being ridiculously charming and Michelle Fairley in flip-flops…)

21 . 07 . 2013

Thoughts -relevant to my specific interests- following ComicCon:

Either further misdirection or Lady Stoneheart / Mother Merciless / UnCat is off the table for good. 

In other words, I’m giving up hope that we’ll see her. It’ll save me disappointment or it will be a remarkable surprise.

1 year ago

Hey Tumblr,

Stop making gifs of your favorites (in the EW interview and upcoming panel) and focus on making gifs of my favorites. Meaning Richard Madden and Michelle Fairley.

Please have mercy on me for I am stuck at work.



1 year ago
where can we watch the EW interview?

They should have it up for replay on their site shortly!