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Hey Tumblr,

Stop making gifs of your favorites (in the EW interview and upcoming panel) and focus on making gifs of my favorites. Meaning Richard Madden and Michelle Fairley.

Please have mercy on me for I am stuck at work.



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Part 1

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not everything is about the starks


not everything is about the starks

.not everything is about the starks



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Keep this one safe. He means the world to me.

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welcoming those summer days: tumblrofthrones: A Song of Ice and Fire is not about kings. It’s about...




A Song of Ice and Fire is not about kings. It’s about the people who surround, support and get stomped on by kings in quests for thrones and power. In older fantasy stories, the young kings are the heroes and lead characters, so George R.R. Martin subverted that by…

But Robb has a perspective in the book; a very big one too (he is one of the 5 in the first book and is still a big part of the second). Robb differs because he never wanted to be King in the North, it was only necessary as to avoid conflict with Cersei and Joffrey.

Not sure which book you read, but no, he doesn’t have a perspective in the first book or any other. Robb Stark was never a POV character, and he was actually ‘offscreen’ for much of the second book and we heard of his activities through the reports of others.

Robb Stark is a likeable character in the books, but he was never a POV character and actually has almost the least amount of Stark characterization, second only to Rickon the 3 year old. And I think that’s a deliberate choice on Martin’s part, keeping the focus on Robb’s mother and siblings (well, and his father until- oops).

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Emmys 2013 wishlist: Michelle Fairley of ‘Game of Thrones’

While the murders of Robb and Talisa at the Red Wedding were horrifying, it was Fairley’s performance during this sequence that gave it the emotional gravity it needed. Catelyn was the one to first realize the Freys’ betrayal, Catelyn was the one who begged heartbreakingly for her son’s life to be spared and Catelyn was the one whose scream after Robb’s death echoed through the episode’s silent end credits. Fairley’s performance was so powerful that we still get chills thinking about it, and giving her an Emmy nomination (and hopefully a win) would be a small way to honor one of the most disturbing, horrifying and moving events in scripted television history. That epic death scene demands it…

Sadly Madden and Chaplin’s names were not submitted for a chance at Emmy gold, so Fairley is the only actress who was present at the Red Wedding who could potentially win an Emmy. The “Game of Thrones” actors who Emmy voters could have nominated are Coster-Waldau (Outstanding Supporting Actor), Dinklage (Outstanding Supporting Actor), Kit Harington (Outstanding Supporting Actor), Emilia Clarke (Outstanding Supporting Actress), Dormer (Outstanding Supporting Actress), Lena Headey (Outstanding Supporting Actress), Sibel Kekilli (Outstanding Supporting Actress), Ciaran Hinds (Outstanding Guest Actor), Rigg (Outstanding Guest Actress) and Fairley. While there’s an argument for all of these and Rigg is a shoe-in for the Guest Actress slot (or at least she’d better be), it’s Fairley who deserves this honor. After all, the North remembers.

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They have your sisters. We have to get the girls back. And then we will kill them all.

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Here Be Dragons…and Freys

(Spoiler Tags for tonight’s Game of Thrones, The Rains of Castamere, and beyond)

It may be too late but I implore all unsullied watchers to blacklist the following:

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The singers make much of kings who die valiantly in battle, but your life is worth more than a song. To me at least, who gave it to you.

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stronger within the walls of Winterfell

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“Could you bring back a man without a head? Not six times. Just once.”