06 . 05 . 2012
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Well, Doreah might very well be dead too. Just because they didn't zoom in on her body doesn't mean she's safe. Wait till you see how it all plays out before you call Bullshit on something; She still has at least one bloodrider, <BOOKSPOILER>which can be the Yunkai'i hostage in season 5/6. Missandei takes over as handmaid around then anyways, and Irri really doesn't do much else of importance between Qarth and Astaport that I recall. Correct me if i'm wrong, though.</SPOILER>

Amrita Acharia wasn’t expecting Irri to die.

And why would they kill Doreah off-screen when they’ve spent time fleshing her character out a bit more than it was in the novels?  This ain’t my first time at the rodeo ;) I don’t often call bullshit when I smell it but this time I am…

2 years ago

A Brief Brake From Starks:

Killing Irri was bullshit, D & D.  And I agree with every person on Twitter and Tumblr saying the same. I try not to criticize the adaptation choices here but I’m not seeing anything justifiable in this one.  She was Dany’s strongest remaining tie to the Dothraki -which will be important later in the series.  Doreah was supposed to die in the desert and was kept around? Why? So the dragons can like her? Sometimes basic choices are basic.