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GAME OF THRONES NUMBER MEME; Four Deaths [Protecting the Stark Children]

Syrio Forel, Septa Mordane, Maester Luwin, Yoren

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Tears filled Bran’s eyes. When a man was hurt you took him to the maester, but what could you do when the maester was hurt?
“We’ll need to make a litter to carry him,” said Osha.
“No use,” said Luwin. “I’m dying, woman.”
“You can’t,” said Rickon angrily. “No, you can’t.” Beside him, Shaggydog bared his teeth and growled.
The maester smiled. “Hush now, child, I’m much older than you. I can … die as I please.”

bran, page 966

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GoTmeme | Eight Family Relationships, Friendships or OTPs

[5] Bran Stark & Osha & Maester Luwin

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game of thrones meme - four deaths (4/4): Maester Luwin

“No more than I want to leave you. I pulled you into the world. Both of you. I’ve seen both your faces almost every day since and for that I consider myself very, very lucky. Go now with Hodor, go on. I’ll be right here.”

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Maester Luwin: What about all the dreams you had that didn’t come true?

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zeynep (inessentialpenises) asked ⇒ Game of Thrones/ASoIaF: Maester Luwin ⇒ Color: Grey


zeynep (inessentialpenises) asked ⇒ Game of Thrones/ASoIaF: Maester Luwin ⇒ Color: Grey

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“I’m off to see your father.”

“I’ll be right here.”