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Michelle Fairley attends the Game of Thrones stage greeting in Tokyo on July 25th [x]

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Michelle Fairley | Stage greeting for Game of Thrones in Tokyo


23 . 07 . 2013

Michelle Fairley Talks Game Of Thrones, Guest Starring On Suits (Comic-Con 2013)

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Quick, someone make Michelle an Emmy and hand it to her during tomorrow’s panel.

Get to work SDCC-ers! 

If this happens, I will send a nice piece of swag to the person who does it.

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SAG and Golden Globe Awards - For Your Consideration: Michelle Fairely

…because Emmy GoT it wrong.

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Anonymous ASKED
So. Emilia over Michelle for an Emmy nomination? Your thoughts.

Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it. I can’t be graceful and I’ll end up saying offensive things about an actor I feel absolutely nothing about on best days.

This also goes for Dinklage (who I quite love) over Coster-Waldau.

Congrats to Dame Diana.

That’s all I can say about Game of Thrones acting noms this year.