09 . 06 . 2012
Anonymous ASKED
Why do you put white walker/other? What's the other mean?

White Walkers are more commonly* referred to as The Others in the novels.

*the wildlings refer to them as White Walkers

2 years ago
Anonymous ASKED
Was the wight walker (Other?) at the end supposed to be old bear? I thought it looked like him, but i know that's not how it happens in the books so....

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Hm, I guess I can see a bit of a resemblance *lulz* but no.  If the Old Bear had been killed and his body left unburned, I believe he would have become a wight -just another reanimated corpse like the other members of the walking dead in the frozen army.  Our pal on the neckless horse was a White Walker/Other. Let’s call him, Nose…because he has one, unlike this guy.

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10 . 04 . 2012
twigg3h ASKED
In response to the question you got about the others being called the white walkers the writers talk about it in the commentaries on the Blu-ray. Apparently they did it so people wouldn't get confused and end up asking what others? also they thought that script-wise it just flowed better.

Yes. This ^ too.

19 . 03 . 2012
Anonymous ASKED
Dear FYWF, Thank you for the White walker image...I will never have a nice dream ever again... :( I actually love your blog very much and I am more often than not yelling out fuck yeah while scrolling through my dashboard and seeing your posts. That image is real from HBO right? Scary as hell don't know how I am gonna get through that.

Apologies for the nightmare fuel and thanks for the kind words!!

And yes, the image is from HBO -here’s a clip.  And azorahai posted a cleaned up shot grabbed last year if you want yet another scare.