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Watch out for her with him. 

Watch out for her with him. 

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HBO: Game of Thrones: Interview With Esmé Bianco

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It’s not easy for girls like us to dig our way out

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Was the purpose of the scene between Ros and Armeca in episde 7 to show how "good" Ros is at her job? Because she actually made the other girl climax, and the way little finger pauses and says "good" kind of seems like it had a double meaning refering to his story and what was happening in the room?

I suppose we could glean that Ros is good at her job -she’s proven she is in subsequent scenes- from it, even if the scene was entirely in service of Littlefinger. Yeah…there were a few legit layers underneath all the moaning ;)

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Response to the Ros/Varys question - The deal with Cersei was that Ros would be freed after the battle. Hence that she's back at the brothel all of a sudden. Varys knows about what happened with Joffrey and that Baelish wouldn't protect her again. But Varys would, as long as she works for him. She sleeps with men of power with her that will tell her secrets. She's protected as long as she tells him what they are. Just my 2 cents, anyway.

Ros has spoken!  I’ll buy it.  This answer…not whatever it is your selling today, Ros ;)

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this may be a stupid question, but do you understand what went down with the Ros/Varys scene? when he talked about Littlefinger forcing his workers to abuse each other, at first I thought he was just referring to when Joffrey commanded them to in his bedroom, but could he potentially be talking about the time that she was kidnapped by Cersei? how did Ros escape from that btw? thanks in advance <3

Not a stupid question at all and I’m not entirely sure how to answer because we’re delving into uncharted territory with the Varys/Ros alliance. Varys seems to be referring to the awfulness that was the Joffrey/Ros/Daisy scene we witnessed and his understanding -he is the Master of Whispers and knows nearly everything that happens in Westeros- of the fact that Littlefinger traffics in providing whatever sexual services men of wealth demand no matter the toll on the woman/women placed in the position of providing that service.  As far as Ros escaping Cersei’s hook, she was covering bruises when Varys entered but… *shrug* Avoid the plot-holes. *shrug*

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In 'Game of Thrones' Women Are Winning

"Television is such a great place to fill that gap that seems to have opened up in film, where I don’t think you see the strength and depth of female characters. It was something (we) wanted to emphasize in the show in the second season."   -David Benioff

This is a quality read…including some interesting comments from Lena Headey, Michelle Fairley and Emilia Clarke.  It’s also worth mentioning that many reviewers and critics have taken special care to note that the women are in the forefront this season.