14 . 12 . 2012

Robb Stark: You’d have us surrender? End all this bloodshed. I understand. The country would be at peace and life will be just under the righteous hand of good King Joffrey.
Talisa: You’re going to kill Joffrey?
Robb Stark: If the gods give me strength.
Talisa: And then what?
Robb Stark: I don’t know. We’ll go back to Winterfell. I have no desire to sit on the Iron Throne.
Talisa: So who will?
Robb Stark: I don’t know.
Talisa: You’re fighting to overthrow a king, and yet you have no plan for what comes after?
Robb Stark: First we have to win the war.

05 . 06 . 2012

Talisa, the spy?

Anon, let me address your question below the cut because SPOILERS!

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2 years ago
I think its what we call a "George Lucas love story". They fall in love becasue it says so in the script.

If you only knew how many times I’ve seen Robb and Talisa compared to Anakin and Padme *gag* in various places around the internetz.

2 years ago
Anonymous ASKED
I actually think that it's obvious that Robb married her also because he wanted to protect her honor. He would never treat her like a whore even if she isn't an highborn Westeros girl and he would never risk to father a bastard. He followed his heart and his honor.

That is obvious, yes.  He also followed his honor (and heart) to where it suited him.

2 years ago
I disagree Sleeping with someone because you lost your brothers isn’t more compelling to me or provides a stronger justification than Show!Robb’s internal turmoil, his grief, his worry.

I agree that grief alone isn’t reason enough but added to what we already have, it would have given more weight to Robb’s decision.  We never saw much internal turmoil over his decision to sleep with Talisa, let alone marry her.  From the moment they met, it was meet cute obvious that these two characters were going to sleep together.  There was no question of it; no tension, no grief over a choice and very little worry. To me, it feels like writer manufactured love rather than fated love.  I recognize that others might feel differently…

2 years ago
zombee ASKED
also on the show!Robb's slightly altered storyline, I thought it could so easily be more legit if he had mentioned at all that he "dishonored her" by sexing her and so he was caught between an honorable rock and hard place in that not marrying her would be extremely dishonorable (obviously he was still being a prat, but it does lend legitimacy to the decision)

I think the honorable choice to save her honor idea might be a bit too high-minded for the character as he’s written on the show.  However, if she were pregnant…

2 years ago
Anonymous ASKED
in one of your post you said: "Robb marrying Talisa in secret, in the middle of the night, is an act of of cowardice." I didn't read the books.. what has Book!Robb done? Did he ask his bannermen for advice and to assist him during the ceremony?

Robb, being raised as heir of Winterfell, would have known from a very early age that his marriage would be a political one, not entirely of his choosing.  That he was pledged to a Frey is incidental.  That he broke an oath -one that carried with it 4000 men and a tactical save- known to all of his bannermen AND went about it in secret in the middle of the night will not be something they’ll easily forgive in their leader. Treat your oaths recklessly and your people will do the same.

Additionally, there’s the element (this will be exploited by the production - you know it’s true) that Talisa is from Volantis, not Westeros, and Northerners are prickly.  We’ve already heard Karstark call her “that foreign bitch.”

2 years ago
Anonymous ASKED
thoughts on robb and tulisa??

I personally don’t find their romance…romantic or terribly compelling.  It’s rather vanilla as storytelling goes and I think that’s largely due to how modern their attitudes feel within the context of the overall story and the fact that Robb (and Cat) remains ignorant of Bran and Rickon’s “deaths” at this point.

Robb marrying Talisa in secret, in the middle of the night, is an act of of cowardice.  I understand that he’s little more than a kid shouldering a massive burden -though a privileged one who is pissed off at his mother- and I sympathize with his desire for something of his own and a partner he can trust (but can he?) and twu wuv and all that but marrying her in secret shows a complete disregard of the thousands of men who look to him as their king, not to mention his oath and the thousands of men that came with that bridge.