07 . 05 . 2012
Don't you think that the characters in the TV show are flatter than in the book. The perfect exemple is Littlefinger. In the books (and in the first season) he's Machiavelli meets Kasparov, and we don't have any real and definitive idea in the matter of his motivations. In the season 2 : money and Cat, that's all. He's so boring I want to cry (well, he is my favorite character in the books). Even Tyrion, in season two he's just good witty guy. He's so much more in the books.

Overall, not necessarily. I’m finding as I watch and re-watch, if I’m not getting that something from the writing of a character then I’m often going to get it in the nuance of the actor’s performance.  But as far as the two characters you mention, I don’t disagree with you!  With Littlefinger, I can only assume (and hope) that they’re working with a specific arc/revelation in mind.  And I’m sure the darker shades in Tyrion’s nature will be explored as the series continues…

2 years ago
oldling ASKED
Having just caught up on "The Old Gods and The New" episode, I was surprised how much this season, and this episode especially, have deviated from the books. I understand that it's a different medium, and there's A WHOLE LOT to fit in an hour long episode...BUT I was surprised none the less because of the loyalty and attention paid to keeping the show really close to the books in the first season. What are your thoughts?

This was definitely an episode where the series took more obvious leaps from the source but I think they’re remaining loyal to the spirit of the novels and to the basic integrity of the story and to most of the characters.  I tend to be fine with changes that streamline the story/plot -Rodrik’s beheading, Catelyn’s early return- and I prefer most additions -the theft of Dany’s dragons was a solid and exciting departure while the extended assault on Sansa bordered on gratuitous- to losses -goodbye Irri.  Because I’ve always seen it as a character driven epic, I tend to chafe more at changes in character motivations or when it starts to feel too conventional, too safe…

I try to watch each episode without allowing what I already know to color my perception -a near impossibility but I try- and I’m finding, more often than not, I’d be just as invested in the characters and in the story.  It’s great tv but I still want it to be Deadwood, Season 2 quality tv ;)

06 . 05 . 2012

A Brief Brake From Starks:

Killing Irri was bullshit, D & D.  And I agree with every person on Twitter and Tumblr saying the same. I try not to criticize the adaptation choices here but I’m not seeing anything justifiable in this one.  She was Dany’s strongest remaining tie to the Dothraki -which will be important later in the series.  Doreah was supposed to die in the desert and was kept around? Why? So the dragons can like her? Sometimes basic choices are basic.