25 . 07 . 2013
Anonymous ASKED
Oh My God. Enough with Michelle Fairley. She's not even on the show anymore. Less Cat more Jon Snow and Arya.


1 year ago
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random thought: isn't it strange and amazing how nearly every other married woman in winterfell has her husband's last name, but lannister ladies who've married into other houses retain the lannister name? no one calls cersei a baratheon, and no one calls gemma a frey. lannister ladies rock.

Lannister ladies get shit done and take their name with them!

21 . 07 . 2013
Anonymous ASKED
They probably have not cut Stoneheart, they just want to keep it as secret as possible to make sure it is a huge twist in the show.

This would be ideal.

But cynicism has crept up on me and I just can’t bear to hope ;|

18 . 07 . 2013

So sweet of you to leave those Anonymous messages in my ASK, telling me just how wrong I am to express an opposing opinion to your own about a performer…

I don’t believe good, easy and basic (and popular) should be rewarded and I stand by that.

Anon will be going off today.

17 . 07 . 2013
Anonymous ASKED
There can never be enough extolling of the Michelle Fairley awesomeness, I'm just saying. And I'm looking at the gif in the middle of that nine square arrangement you've got (which is awesome) and I'm struck by two things: 1 - the hair swish, she works the hair 2 - that is a long zipper on that dress, am I right?

I just watched the episode, myself.  ngl her Ava Hessington is a little scary…in a pretty fabulous way!

(credit where credit is due: the reblogged gifset you mention is courtesy of the lovely katharinecliftons)

1 year ago
Anonymous ASKED
No Suits reblogs? You're killing Cat Stark all over again. How dare you? Disappoint!

HA!  I am shamed. 

…but thought some soulless miscreants people might be a bit over all of the Catelyn/Fairley worship on FYW.

…will remedy in 3…2…

15 . 07 . 2013
Anonymous ASKED
Is it totally wrong that I'm going to start watching 'Suits' just because Michelle Fairley is going to be on it?


And I’m sure Suits and the USA network would say the same.  I mean, a promo called Game of Suits? …c’mon!

That said, it is a fun show.

11 . 07 . 2013
Anonymous ASKED
Am I the only one who thinks Michelle Fairley and Joan Allen could be sisters? I mean, I'm not the only one who sees this resemblance, right?

You are by no means the only one.  Just Google “Joan Allen looks like” or “Michelle Fairley looks like” and you’re bound to come up with the other… In early airings on HBO I remember some people swearing Joan Allen was starring in Game of Thrones.

I see it less and less as time goes on, though ;)


07 . 07 . 2013
Anonymous ASKED
I passed a street today called 'Ed Rickard Rd' . . . I nearly ran off the road in shock



(would have run off the road)

11 . 06 . 2013

I’m halting any further posts and responses here about the final scene of Season 3 because the direction the dialogue is leaning in my ASK is a problem.  Casual racism, insidious racism, veiled racism and/or ignorance of the fact that these things appear, let alone exist, in all forms of entertainment are a problem…

Additionally, and to drop a glib bomb on you, there are no Starks there!

Please continue the discussion elsewhere, though! It’s a scene worthy of scrutiny!

1 year ago
I mean, I'm not racist or anything, no, god forgive me, but I wouldn't expect a slave to be that white like Dany is, when she has Missandei (even she's not that white like Dany) to bathe her, or the dothraki girls in the past. Even with the people living in Yunkai, that guy who came to talk to Dany giving her the chance to have a fleet, even he wasn't that white... I don't see anything wrong with that scene, they are still people even though their skin color is a bit different

1 year ago
if you try to think about it a little, slaves in every period of time were men and women who hardly took care of how they look or of their exterior being. Plus Yunkai is placed in the desert, where the sun has no mercy, so slaves are the ones to cover the masters, to give them shadow no matter how or with what. I didn't find it racist at all, I mean even the fact that it was shot in Morocco is an explanation yes, but the slaves were oppressed people in all aspects of life. (p1)
1 year ago
opaul ASKED
Please tag your asks somehow I'm a bit tired of seeing you answer the same repetitive argument over and over again. Thank you! (I love your blog btw, this isn't meant to be hate)

Sorry about that! I understand text posts, etc. aren’t everyone’s cup o’ tea but I’m avoiding work and have to quickly bounce back to tag these responses…

The tag to avoid is #WTFHBO (or #fyw responds)

1 year ago
Anonymous ASKED
Please, just don't. I understand where you're coming from but the fans were probably the only ones thinking about racism with this scene. Do you REALLY think the producers - AND the actors - would shoot a scene if it was supposed to be racist? No. ''There's no digging needed, it's on the screen'' I think the fans who've read the series complain too much about the tv-series. Please just stop.

It’s my observation that the scene is reflective (and purposefully so) of an archaic though persistent image of a white savior that exists in our reality. 

This is a line of thought that is shared by more than just fans.

I recognize that I come from a place of privilege and therefor I don’t feel it’s my place to offer more than the above observation but to listen to what others might have to say…

1 year ago
tokkita ASKED
Hey, have you seen this post about how easy it would have been to include Lady Stonheart in the episode? =_= apriki(.)tumblr(.)com/post/52624013979/how-easy-it-wouldve-been-to-include-lady-stoneheart

Yes, I’ve seen this one and a couple of others -all pretty sound ideas…but the writers have other plans. And while I still believe the impact of having her appear -or just a floating body found in the river- in the finale would have been greater than what we got, I recognize and appreciate the arguments that a later introduction of UnCat will hit harder.  At this point, I can only hope the character appears and that the production is able to get Fairley back to play her…