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PopcornTaxi - Game of Thrones: Michelle Fairley Live On Stage

12 . 10 . 2012

Kit Harington on Ciarán Hinds


“Ciarán Hinds is one of the most lovely men you will ever meet, and also one of the most fantastically fantastic actors,” Harington said. “I’m so privileged with the people I’ve worked with, the other older actors I’ve worked with, and he’s now another addition to that list that I can say I’ve worked with. It was fantastic.”

It took showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss longer to cast Mance Rayder than it did the other new characters for this season because they had a difficult time finding the right actor for the part. We asked Harington what made Hinds the right choice.

“He just is. He just is,” he said. “There were a few people that I kind of wanted it to be, but then when they came up with him I hadn’t even thought of him, and then I thought, ‘That’s perfect.’”

Harington added that Hinds wasn’t the actor he would have originally chosen, but now he’s seen for himself that Hinds is a great Mance.

“I was kind of going Ian McShane would work for this, and then they came up with Ciaran Hinds and it was just perfect,” he said.

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Interview at Comic-Con 2012 with Emilia and Game of Thrones castmates Michelle Fairley, Richard Madden, Alfie Allen, and Rose Leslie.

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Cersei actually kind of freaks out in this scene, and she runs away and leaves all these highborn women with Sansa. Sansa is really mature about it. She stands up and she gets them all together and keeps them motivated and keeps them going because there’s a massive battle outside. So they react really differently. I was quite surprised at Cersei because usually she’s so contained… but this time I think it’s good to have a change of role there. And I think that just shows how much [Sansa’s] developed and how much she’s grown.

Sophie Turner | Blackwater

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Michelle Fairley Chats At Comic-Con 2012 About The Tullys Joining Catelyn Stark In Game Of Thrones Season 3

08 . 06 . 2012

When I’m talking about changes, it’s never ‘our version was better in the book, or this didn’t work in the book.’ I would never change that…

But like a lot of book fans who are watching the show, I have to get my mind around it. I still am. I love these books as much as anyone could. I have to. I read them constantly. If I didn’t [love them], I would be miserable…This is the best job in the world. It’s the most incredible set of toys you could play with. And I love that people have such strong feelings about it and are so passionate about it. Those are the kinds of stories that are worth telling…I’m really looking forward, now that the show has found its audience and is doing well for HBO, the idea that we might really be able to tell this whole story for television, from beginning to end, is such an exciting thing. I really hope we do get to.

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serienjunkies.de interview with Michelle Fairley


SJ: You are from Northern Ireland. How do you feel about this big international production in your home country?

MF: That doesn’t happen very often (laughs). Most of my scenes were filmed in Northern Ireland and it’s wonderful to go home and visit my parents. It’s great that the creators of GoT decided NI to be The North of the Starks. Catelyn Stark lived most of her life there although she’s not from the North. But she feels at ease with the North and it’s important that you can see that.

SJ: You know a lot about your character. Did you read the books?

MF: Yes, of course.  I’ve been consumed by the story of the first book and you know the size of the books, right (laughs). I had the feeling that I had too much information to play the character. That’s why I only read the book according to the season. This works better for me. But it’s also hard because David and Dan change more and more things that are not in the books.

SJ: So you know what will happen in Season 3?

MF: I don’t want to spoil, but of course Cat’s journey is going on and she wants her family back together. She’s still with Robb and her main focus is to bring her children back home.

SJ: In one of the last episodes Catelyn frees the Kingslayer. Did you have any problems to understand her decisions?

MF: I know a lot of fans and people who watch the show who were upset about it. But Littlefinger talked her into that the Lannisters still have Sansa and Arya. She hasn’t heard of Arya for a long time and although he’s lying she believes in him because of their common past. He betrays her and she betrays her son by freeing the most valuable prisoner and sending him with Brienne to save her girls. You may want to scream “No!” but the emotional level is different especially that of a mother who just lost her husband and whose children are scattered all over the kingdoms. She knows that her decision will have a massive outcome but she accepts that.

SJ: When the first version of the pilot was filmed the actress Jennifer Ehle played Catelyn Stark. How did you get the part?

MF: I was Emilia in the play Othello and I think David and Dan or one of them saw me on stage. I was invited for the casting. Then I met David and Dan and this whole process took months. We filmed small scenes, then I had to wait for weeks, then the said “yes”, then “no” and then they got in touch again to say that we have to do another scene.

SJ: Unfortunately they decided against you!

MF: Exactly. I think we were the last two and I didn’t get the call. They filmed the pilot and after that 3 or 4 characters were recast.  I got a call, too.

SJ: How did you feel? First a “no” and then getting the call after all?

MF: To be honest, I was very disappointed not getting the part. I invested a lot of time and loved the project and I’d loved to be a part of an HBO show. When they came back to me, it was St. Patrick’s Day, first I thought they’re joking (laughs). I had another offer at the time and I was wondering why my agent didn’t advise me to take it. Apparently this thing went on for a while. The lawyers met to negotiate contracts and they knew. To be honest I was shocked.

SJ: When you got the part?

MF: Yes. I was completely in shock. I had no information how the pilot was accepted and I didn’t know any of the actors from the team. I couldn’t ask anyone and I didn’t want to. When I finally realized that I got the part I started working. I read the first books and prepared myself. I just love this job and think about my role most of the time.

SJ: When you read the first book were you surprised by Ned’s death?

MF: Yes. Completely. My sister Simone read it at the same time and was a little bit further on and she was like “Oh my god, you won’t believe what will happen” and I just said “No. Don’t tell me”. And when I read the scene I thought the author has nerves to let the main character, as good and honorable he is, die. But that’s the wonderful style of Martin, killing the hero and let the chaos begin. It was brilliant. A lot of viewers didn’t believe he was really dead.

SJ: And it is Sean Bean. You can’t let Sean bean die.

MF: Yeah, you can (laughs). Maybe some people think that he’ll appear again.

SJ: After the first season aired did you get any offers? Did Hollywood knock on your door?

MF: Well, I received some great feedback. GoT was a success and had many viewers. But I’m very realistic about my job. I’ve reached a certain age. I’m not the young twenty year old actress which is getting started in Hollywood. Of course it would be great to be a part of a big budget production in the U.S. as long as I believe that I’m the right person. I think you have to really know who you are and what you can do. I won’t go to Hollywood and deal with the competition. It is not my scene or my style. I’m looking forward doing plays.

SJ: If you weren’t in GoT, what other TV show would you like to guest star in?

MF: Interesting question. If The Wire would be still in production that would be it.

SJ: The American accent is no problem?

MF: No not at all. I’ve done it a few times.

SJ: Which TV shows do you like to watch at home?

MF: At the moment I’m watching Breaking Bad on DVD and it’s fantastic, also I like Bordwalk Empire a lot. I’ve just seen a few episodes of Bron. It’s a danish or Swedish show about 2 police officers. I like the female main character.

I tried my best with the translation, but some sentences were a bit confusing -via drownedintofiction

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SerienJunkies.de Interview With Michelle Fairley and Interview With Emilia Clarke. Mayhaps someone with a stronger grasp of German will translate a few choice bits (my trust in google.translate only goes so far but from what I’ve read there’s some great stuff here) from these interviews…

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I would love for Jon Snow and Dany to end up on the Iron Throne together. That’s just if I’m watching it, and not in it, because of course I would love to see Sansa on the Iron Throne, too…
2 years ago

Michelle: D&D play tricks on us sometimes, as well. They pretend like…

Richard: They’ll write a scene that… your character just abruptly dies (…) They did a really good one last year with Alfie.


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