22 . 05 . 2012
Anonymous ASKED
did you read the westeros recap? they make a really good point that cat and robb's scene seemed to be written to be stacked against her. i haven't read the books but I think that makes sense. I think it's the same with Sansa scenes when she's on. idgi. sorry to be anon. on phone.

Hi Anon -no worries- love hearing what unspoiled viewers think! 

I’m no purist but I think Elio made a lot of solid points (Arya in Harrenhal, Talisa and Robb…yep!) in his analysis of the episode -as he often does…I’ll leave it at that- and this was one of them.

…the brief Robb and Catelyn sceen seemed stack against the Lady of Winterfell, since at no time is her fear that Jaime was going to be murdered brought up yet it was clear in the last episode that that was first and foremost in her mind when she decided to act. Karstark can hardly accuse her of treason when he was on the verge of committing that treason himself before Robb was present to be able to stop him.

How meta of D & D to stack everything against Cat!  Fate (GRRM) does it.  Fandom does it.  Reviewers do it.  Ignorant asshats do it in 140 characters on Twitter.  We still have a couple of episodes, though.  Sansa will have a role to play in the hell inside the Red Keep during Blackwater and from a recent interview with Madden (check the GoT cast spam tag for a link) there is another Robb and Cat scene that may prove to provide a tentative re-balance to their relationship and give them more of the trope-defying edges that make the characters sing… 

14 . 05 . 2012

Game of Thrones thoughts, Season Two, Episode Seven: “A Man Without Honor”


For my recap/review of Episode 17, please visit Rolling Stone.

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So my recap for Episode 16 is finally up.

I know it’s really late and you all might be over it by now, and it is pretty ragey and ranty so of course I don’t want to open old wounds for anyone with this past episode, but if you didn’t like the Sansa near rape scene or the death of Irri feel free to leave a comment. I’m sure they’ll see it, quite frankly. 

Never over it! D & D’s heads on spikes - nice touch!

28 . 04 . 2012

Kissed By Fire: Flowers In the Attic

The title of this installment of Serena’s Sloppy Seconds should be enough for you to click on through!

This week on Sloppy Seconds, in the 14th Episode of Game of Thrones, Garden of Bones, we learn that nighttime is wolftime and wolftime is sexytimes unless sexytimes are torturetimes, Harrenhal might be the best set design ever, and who I think justice looks like. Now prepare yourselves and check out my thoughts beneath the cut!

20 . 04 . 2012

Kissed By Fire: Squid Pro Quo

This week on Sloppy Seconds, in the 13th episode of Game of Thrones, What is Dead May Never Die, we learn small men cast large shadows but the shadow of the shadow is my friend, Brienne is more than enough, and Sansa is sad and ronery and arone. So ronery. Awww.

Click through for Cersei’s Hulk impersonation, Margaery’s Ser Loras pasties, and to be Brienned all over again!

16 . 04 . 2012


Game of Thrones: Episode 13 Recap. “What Is Dead May Never Die”

2 years ago

Kissed By Fire: We Own the Knight

This week on Sloppy Seconds, in The Night Lands, the 12th episode of Game of Thrones, we learn real seamen are hard to come by, what is alive may die of embarrassment, and everyone who is not a pirate wishes they very well were.

04 . 04 . 2012

North of My Thighs - Recap of Episode 11, The North Remembers


Sloppy Seconds are back! Here’s my recap of Episode 11, The North Remembers. 

And don’t forget, Kissed by Fire is an ASOIAF site, so spoiler warning for the books, obviously!

02 . 04 . 2012

Let’s Sing About the Game of Thrones Season 2 Premiere

22 . 06 . 2011

The Mary Sue: Game of Thrones Veteran Recap -Fire and Blood

…once again, and full of links to many-a-stellar Game of Thrones tumblbits, Donna Dickens’ kick-ass recap for The Mary Sue!

Also, check out Natasha Simons’ fab Novice Recap!

08 . 06 . 2011

The Mary Sue: Game of Thrones Veteran Recap, The Pointy End

The kick-ass weekly episode wrap-up via The Mary Sue, where you can also find the excellent Novice Recap(s). Great reads!!!