31 . 05 . 2012


Maisie Williams doing the Cinnamon Challenge

15 . 04 . 2012

Happy 15th birthday, Maisie!

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15 . 03 . 2012

Access Hollywood Q&A with Maisie Williams


Very nice interview, with mild spoilers, I’d say.

Here’s a cute, spoiler-free moment:

“Maisie: I think because Needle’s the only thing she’s got left of home, and that’s really the only thing worth something that she’s got with her, she’s really protective. Because she was quite sensitive anyway, and this boy she never even met before came up to her and was trying to take her sword away, she didn’t stick up for herself. After that happened, and when we start off Season 2, she’s not gonna be pushed around… She can now stand up for herself and people won’t sort of laugh at her because she’s a girl, because everyone think she’s a boy.

Access: Joseph Dempsie who plays Gendry — you worked so well together at the end of Season 1. Are you friends in real life?

Maisie: Yeah, all of us are – me, Joe, Ben [Hawkey] and Eros [Vlahos] — who play Hot Pie and Lommy. We all got on really well… We always went out to dinner… [and] to the cinema. We’re all sort of like brothers to each other and they all had a laugh and we all went and played mini golf together.

Access: Who won?

Maisie: Well… Eros did.