05 . 06 . 2012
Anonymous ASKED
thoughts on robb and tulisa??

I personally don’t find their romance…romantic or terribly compelling.  It’s rather vanilla as storytelling goes and I think that’s largely due to how modern their attitudes feel within the context of the overall story and the fact that Robb (and Cat) remains ignorant of Bran and Rickon’s “deaths” at this point.

Robb marrying Talisa in secret, in the middle of the night, is an act of of cowardice.  I understand that he’s little more than a kid shouldering a massive burden -though a privileged one who is pissed off at his mother- and I sympathize with his desire for something of his own and a partner he can trust (but can he?) and twu wuv and all that but marrying her in secret shows a complete disregard of the thousands of men who look to him as their king, not to mention his oath and the thousands of men that came with that bridge.